In rare cases your tracking number may show your package as ‘Delivered’ when it is still ‘In transit’ or delivered to an alternate location. We recommend looking out for an “Attempted Delivery’ notification or card left by the courier at your address.

In the circumstance that your order shows as delivered but hasn’t been received, we would recommend taking three steps before reaching out to us:

  • Checking your secure/safe locations around your address, such as porches, sheds, behind the gate/bin or anywhere that a delivery driver may have found access to.
  • Checking with your nearest neighbour(s) who may have kindly accepted the parcel on your behalf.
  • Checking at your local post office/pick up point by taking your ID and tracking number with you.

If all of the above has been carried out and you have still not been able to retrieve your parcel, please get in touch with our Experts so we can find a solution as soon as possible for you.

You must contact us within 30 days of dispatch so that we can investigate any lost/stolen parcels with the courier service. If any claims are made after this date, we will not be held accountable to refund or reship.

In the circumstance that there is nobody at home to receive your delivery, the courier may leave your order in a safe place - this will be advised on a delivery note posted through your door by the courier. If they find that there is no suitable safe place for your delivery to be left, the courier will leave a card instructing you on the options of how to arrange for your goods to be redelivered.

In some rare circumstances you may experience that your parcel hasn’t arrived and there is no card posted through the door. If this is the case, please contact the courier as soon as possible with your tracking number to rearrange delivery at your earliest convenience.

Please note, it is important that this is done as soon as possible after the suggested delivery time has passed, to ensure the courier doesn't abandon your delivery.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the delivery address once you have placed your order.

In the event of inputting the incorrect address we recommend you contacting the courier once the delivery has been despatched and requesting them to change the delivery address. 

In some circumstances the relevant courier may not be able to change the delivery address for you, and so in this case your parcel will continue its journey to the incorrect address you inputted. In this case, unfortunately we are not liable to reship the parcel. However, if the parcel is refused by the recipient at that address or the address does not exist, it is likely that the parcel will then be returned to our warehouse. If this is the case, we will be in contact with you right away to arrange a re-delivery of your goods to the correct address.

If your parcel is sent back to Lounge as a return to sender, we do advise that this can take up to 16 working days to reach us at our HQ. We will contact you regarding this as quickly as possible.

Please note, this can take between 1-3 weeks to process.

Easy! Once your order has been processed, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that contains your unique tracking number. You can input this into the respective couriers website to track the progress and location of your parcel as it makes its way to you.

In a rare case that your tracking number is not sent within your shipping confirmation email, please contact our Support to enquire for this to be directly emailed to you. Someone from our team will be happy to assist you:


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